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Thank you letters


I have worked with Rory Lambert in the past in regards to an auto accident and have found him to be very knowledgeable and compassionate towards his clients, always putting the client on the right path to recovery.Not only was Rory my lawyer through this process but he became a friend as well. Highly recommended!!


I recommend everyone go see Rory Lambert!

There I said it. You don’t have to read any more if you don’t want to. The most important thing has already been said.

So I was in a car accident and one of the first healthcare professionals I saw after the accident told me I should go see Rory Lambert about becoming my lawyer. I trusted that person so I set up a consultation with Rory Lambert.

In my initial consultation, I was told that it was “my job to get better”. That’s the only thing I needed to focus on. That has never changed since day one. I did stress about the process, we all do, and every time I did I was reminded of something I was told early on by people who had used Rory before, and that was to say that “Rory is good. Rory knows what he’s doing.”

Rory has this whole network built up around natural health care professionals; which is a really big deal when your injured and needing help that you never needed before.

Additionally, the support I received from his staff was fantastic. I was always given the time I needed to sort out any questions I had.

Happy? Yes I am.
Thank you


My case was turned down by other lawyer partly because it was not my fault and my injury was not serious. But when I met Mr. Lambert, I was glad not just because he was willing to help me but also considered how my accident was actually connected to my other case, which nobody did. Also he put my health as priority and referred several health care providers for my specific needs (I did not use them, but it was great to keep them back of my head). All the correspondence was done by email or over the phone. Any questions I had were answered. It was big relief I did not have to deal with ICBC while having other issues. And they are very welcoming too.