Lisa Wright – Legal Assistant & Commissioner for Taking Affidavits in BC

On a whim Lisa moved to Beautiful British Columbia in 2014 and hasn’t looked back, returning only for family visits.  Born in Ontario, Lisa attended Centennial College for Social Services, followed by York University for Sociology. During an Internship through Centennial, Lisa worked with Girls Incorporated of Durham, inspiring girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold. Throughout her internship, Lisa helped conduct in-school programs across the Durham region ranging from learning to read, bullying and mental health awareness, and sexual health education.

With experience in group home settings, group education facilitation and extensive customer service, Lisa decided to take a change of direction and step into the legal world. Using her interpersonal skills and practical experience for good, Lisa supports the Lambert Law team to help achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Practical experience and knowledgeable mentors have empowered Lisa to become the valuable team member she is today at Lambert Law.

At home Lisa holds the position of Chief Household Manager, facilitating the lives of her husband, children, and dogs.  With any remaining time, Lisa loves to plan elaborate vacations and makes online shopping lists with items for which she has no room.  Lisa’s not-so-secret pleasures are the dollar store and movie theatre popcorn.

Lisa can be reached by e-mail at or, during business hours, on her direct line at (250) 940-2134.

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