Reviews From Our Clients

Jessica Black Avatar

I am both an employee and a client of Lambert Law. A year ago I was bit in the face... read more

Jessica Black 8/20/2019
Pat Blackshaw Avatar

I was injured in two serious car collisions. As a medical doctor, I wanted to hire a lawyer who was... read more

Pat Blackshaw 8/02/2019
Mike Dobbs Avatar

I have spent time in many law offices around Victoria, and not once have I been in another office that... read more

Mike Dobbs 8/01/2019
Chandra Simonet Avatar

Lambert Law was recommended to me by a few close friends who also had severe car accidents in the recent... read more

Chandra Simonet 7/24/2019
Darwyn Rowland Avatar

Mr Lambert is a down to earth guy who has his clients needs at heart. I trust his judgement... read more

Darwyn Rowland 3/05/2019
Luke Taylor Avatar

My wife got rear ended by a speeding truck with our 3 toddlers in the van, and when we filed... read more

Luke Taylor 11/28/2018
Manjeet Singh Avatar

August 2017 I was rear ended and my car was written off. I tried dealing with ICBC directly but I... read more

Manjeet Singh 10/31/2018
Amy Bond Avatar

I was injured as a passenger in my boyfriend’s truck in September 2017. We were driving southbound on Wallace drive... read more

Amy Bond 10/19/2018
Alan Hans Avatar

I've been very satisfied with Rory and his staff, particularly Lorraine and Brittany! Prompt and professional are qualities I especially... read more

Alan Hans 10/17/2018
Julia R. Avatar

Rory's services were excellent and support was top notch. He really went to bat on my behalf with my... read more

Julia R. 9/24/2018
Barb Armstrong Avatar

I have known Rory professionally for 10 years, and have gained insight of the scope of his uncanny, bright mind... read more

Barb Armstrong 6/28/2018
Cheryl Thibault Avatar

Rory has been my lawyer for about 30 years. It started with an injury case, but he has helped me... read more

Cheryl Thibault 5/09/2018
Donna Dion Avatar

In December 2016, I was travelling southbound on the Trans-Canada highway with my 2-year-old son strapped in his car seat... read more

Donna Dion 11/06/2017
Michael Buna Avatar

I am a local health care practitioner who regularly treats people injured in car accidents. I have worked with... read more

Michael Buna 4/06/2017
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