Professional Discipline & Regulation

Professional Discipline Lawyers in Victoria, BC

Occasionally professionals make situational judgment calls that are later challenged by their governing colleges. These challenges often arise as a result of complaints made by a member of the public. In some cases, complaints can lead to disciplinary proceedings, which can put a person’s reputation, professional standing, and livelihood at risk.

Complaints often arise from misunderstandings between the professional and their clients or patients. We understand how stressful this process can be when a professional’s integrity, reputation, and livelihood is placed in question.

We take time and care to do all the necessary research.

We Provide Professional Guidance and Risk Assessment

  1. We help professionals respond to professional complaints issued against them.
  2. We guide professionals through the rules set by their governing bodies.
  3. We represent and support the professional during disciplinary hearings through the exchange of information and respectful negotiations.

We have acted for professionals of various disciplines including dentistry, land surveying, chiropractic, and physiotherapy.

We Undertake Careful Research to Find Out:

  1. The particulars of the complaint;
  2. The circumstances surrounding how it arose;
  3. Steps that can be taken to set the record straight.

Professional Diplomacy

Forming a bridge between the member of the public who makes a complaint, the professional, and their governing body is essential to ensure a fair and impartial result. We take pride in our ability to listen and problem solve so a result is achieved that is satisfactory to all parties in the professional disciplinary process.

Disciplinary hearings can be expensive as the costs of the hearing are often the responsibility of the professional themselves.  When complaints cannot be resolved through negotiations, and a hearing is required, we work to reduce the issues in dispute ahead of time, so the hearings are efficient, and costs are kept at a minimum.

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