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When you suffer a personal injury through the fault of another the effects can be far reaching.  The red tape that follows can be a significant challenge for anyone, especially while you are trying to recover your health.  In addition to the impact of injuries on your health, there are often impacts on your relationships, personal finances, and your employment.

We take a holistic approach, providing support and guidance throughout the process of recovery by assisting you find the right types of therapies to expedite your healing process.

For over 30 years Rory Lambert and his legal team have been dedicated to helping people get the compensation they need to help them make a full recovery.


Personal injuries can arise out of many situations.
Here are just a few examples:

  • You may find yourself injured because a retail store created a hazard in a hallway and that hazard caused you to fall and hurt yourself.
  • You may have fallen and been hurt because a stair railing gave way when you leaned against it, or that the stairs in a building were uneven and poorly lit.
  • You may experience an injury from a boating accident or from using an ATV that was not safe.
  • You may be injured at a social event because the hosts created a situation what was dangerous.

Regardless of how you are injured, our team has the experience and resources necessary to represent you in all aspects of your case. We work closely with engineers and other experts to provide the necessary evidence to show how the hazard was the cause of your injuries.

You likely have a lot of questions. We have answers.

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