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For both house and condo buyers and sellers, access to timely, accurate legal advice for your transactions is essential. Many people wait and speak with a lawyer after they have signed the contract of purchase and sale.

We suggest you speak to a lawyer prior to engaging the services of a realtor. 

How does this benefit the Purchaser?

Real estate lawyers can provide advice about lending rates and the many different types of mortgages that are typically available. Also, there are different ways that you can be described on title. This is important for couples who have blended families or are in common law relationships and may want to use their interest in the house for estate planning.   There will certainly be questions about the contract itself that you may be asked to sign. Real estate contracts are different than other types of contracts and it is important to understand the implications of a Real estate contract before you are faced with signing one. There are also tax issues such as GST, and Property Transfer Tax.

How does this benefit the Vendor?  

For vendors, legal advice is just as important. Disclosing problems with your home is a frequent question that lawyers are asked about by home sellers. “What do I have to disclose and what happens if I don’t?” Not asking those types of questions at the right time can lead to expensive lawsuits.

For a pending deal, we can review your contract and advise you before the contract becomes binding.

We assist clients with residential and commercial transactions including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Real estate purchases and sales
  • Title insurance
  • Co-ownership agreements
  • Tenancy agreements and lease agreements
  • Financing and refinancing


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