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Empowering members of our community to connect, learn, and heal.

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Rory Lambert developed HealthCare Victoria to empower members of our community to connect, learn, and heal. He saw too many people falling through the cracks of our provincial health care and insurance schemes, like ICBC. Instead of waiting for change, Rory created the change so many of us have been looking for: a new system of community health care that makes it easy for people to find their way to good health.

HealthCare Victoria is a community resource of more than 1500 healthcare practitioners who are committed to helping members of the public recover their health and getting back to being productive members of our community as soon as possible.

We welcome enquiries.  We are always happy to discuss your claim with you free of charge.  We only get paid if we can successfully resolve your claim.


On the HealthCare Victoria website, you will find the following:

  • An online directory where people can connect with natural healthcare practitioners.
  • A funding solutions page with tips and resources on funding your treatment.
  • A blog with articles on natural health solutions and interviews with local practitioners.

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