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Dog Bite

Beware of the One Free Dog Bite Law in British Columbia

When it comes to dog bites the main question is, did the owner have knowledge of their dog showing aggressive behaviour prior to the incident?  This is referred to as the “One-Free Bite” Principle.  In legal terms, this is called the Doctrine of Scienter.  Don’t let this fancy term intimidate you, the term scienter simply refers to the question of whether or not the owner had previous knowledge about the dog’s potential to bite.
July 29, 2019/by Judi Bechard
Common Law Relationship in BC

How Common is a Common Law Relationship?

Under the Family Law Act in BC, a couple is considered to be in a common law relationship if they have lived together in a marriage-like relationship for a continuous period of at least two years. If the couple has lived together for less than two years, they could still be considered common-law spouses if they have a child together. It sounds simple, but there are many factors involved that need to be considered before determining whether the relationship was “marriage-like”. Fortunately, the courts have provided the following factors to consider in order to determine whether a relationship is “marriage-like”:
April 8, 2019/by Authour Lambert
Uninsured Driver in BC

An Uninsured Driver Hit Me in BC! What Should I Do?

It all happens so fast when a car accident takes place. There are so many things to worry about. Is anyone injured? Is there damage to the car. Among all these details, the last thing you might expect to be dealing with is an uninsured driver. If the accident happens in BC, there are some important laws to be aware of.
March 20, 2019/by Judi Bechard
Lambert Law can help you with ICBC Claims

Know Your Rights When Dealing With ICBC Statements

Most people know what a statement is, but do you know when you’re giving one? A statement can be anything you say or write. When dealing with ICBC, there are different ways statements can be given:
A signed statement;
A “formal” telephone statement; or
An “informal” telephone statement.
So, what is the difference, and why is it important to know?
March 7, 2019/by Authour Lambert

What Should I Do if I Am in a Hit and Run?

If you’re involved in a collision, and the other vehicle leaves the collision scene before you can get their name, license number, or vehicle’s plate number, it is considered a hit and run. Being involved in a hit and run collision can be extremely frustrating. If you are left injured and your vehicle is damaged, make sure you do everything you can to try and identify the driver.
March 1, 2019/by Authour Lambert
Lambert Law can help you with ICBC claims

Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) – How it works in motor vehicle accident claims.

The CRT is an online tribunal. A tribunal is a different way to resolve disputes. It resembles the court system because it can make decisions but is not directly a part of the court system.  Tribunals are often used because they are less formal, less expensive, and promote a faster way to resolve disputes (although, this is not always the case).
February 20, 2019/by Authour Lambert

Where Should I Store My Will?

The safekeeping of an original Will is very important. If an original Will cannot be found, the law presumes it has been destroyed and is no longer valid. This can cause problems, especially when there is a copy of the original Will, outlining the terms of the Estate, but no valid document to prove those terms must be fulfilled.
February 15, 2019/by Authour Lambert
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Injured pedestrian awarded $690,000

ICBC told her they would argue that she was partially at fault for being hit at a crosswalk. Lambert Law went to bat for her. At the end of the trial, the judge found the driver of the truck to be completely at fault for our client’s injuries and awarded her what she deserved for her pain and suffering.
August 20, 2016/by Authour Lambert
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